Temple of the Sun, at Ollantaytambo and another weird fortress wall, destroyed in prehistory

By Dr. Charles Kos.

There are quite a lot of similarities between Ollantaytambo, Potala Palace in Tibet, and the Masabas of Egypt. All share the same 'earthquake angle' for starters. This is the Temple of the Sun, but I think it would have been something else. It is OBVIOUS the walls of a fortress, yet called a temple! Everything is a temple if you are an archaeologist! (Esp Minoan archaeology, Stonehenge a temple, etc etc etc).

This Inca Wall is crazy. I call it a 'Chavin Wall' because that is the first civilization of Peru, and yet they only go back to 1200 BC, 'originating' then. I got news for you, this date is the time of a Dark Age, which in fact implies that there is history going back before this but it was 'interrupted' during this time, rather than originating in this time.