Sphinx Videos

By Dr. Charles Kos.
In this section of the website, we discuss the lost SPHINX CIVILIZATION and its remnants. As we concentrate upon geological time, displayed in long-term water erosion, we favour an early time period for this. This was Pre-Egypt, since the archaeology/history of Egypt begins in about 3100 BC.

Part 1) Discovery of the Location of the 2nd Sphinx!

Discovery, based upon location and outside appearance: the remnant of SPHINX NUMBER TWO on the Giza Plateau. This is the tomb of Queen Khentkawes who lived towards the close of the 4th dynasty. Sphinxes were depicted in pairs on New Kingdom reliefs.

Part 2) Proving the Extreme Antiquity of the Sphinx!

Part 3) The Carbon Dating Evidence indicates the Zozer Pyramid is Pre-Dynastic in part, or reworked from a pre-dynastic ruin.

Latest Vid! PROVING the pyramids have been REWORKED from earlier structures for 10,000 years! I actually look at 1) Radiocarbon datings to show the pyramids are centuries older (ON THE INSIDE), ie we have worked with laters (explaining the paradox of how these came to be built, not suddenly but over generations) but also 2) Explaining how they can go back ten thousand years based upon being built upon a far earlier stepped platform which I date to SPHINX times.

Part 4) All these structures are older than the Great Pyramid, by possibly thousands of years!

Geological and archaeological evidence provided! The Great Pyramid was built on top of an earlier pyramid.

Part 5) Iron Tools associated with 7000 year old city in Egypt. Yet, the Iron Age 'began' about 4000 years ago in near east!

It seems Iron Tools have been discovered in either Pre-Egypt, a 7000 year old city in Egypt, OR among tombs of the First Dynasty. The news articles seem a little ambiguous.